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Located in SHISHI JINSHANG industrial Area,GANGYI DYEING & KNITTING CO.,LTD.Was established
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Located in SHISHI JINSHANG industrial Area,GANGYI DYEING & KNITTING CO.,LTD.Was established in July of 2001 with a total land area of 52 thousand square meters,41 thousand square meters construction area.With total investment of 65 million HK Dollars,favorable location and convenient transportation, G.Y. was named as important foreign investment in SHISHI City in 2001.G.Y.has grown up to a sizable enterprise with 600 employees and among them 80 are technical and management staffs since the establishment.

"Customer's first, quality's first,service's first" is the management principle of G.Y. owns 8 most advanced dying production lines together with product analysis and inspection facility.Equipment like singeing machines,hair cathing machines,shearing machines and carbon brushing machines etc are of most advanced international technologies. mainly engaged in dyeing of all types of cotton fabric,polyester cotton,stretch fabric,denim and cotton brocade fabric etc.and also engaged in specialized processing all kinds of fabric of peaching. coating,pre-shrinking etc.The full production capability of G.Y. is 60 million metres per year., leading products like fine spinning and heavy sheer cotton fabric,latitude stretch cotton fabric,cotton silk blending textile,cotton silk interweaving textile,casual latent sulphur wash-out products,catching and shearing products ,no-polyvinyl no-iron crepeproof finish products and nanometer finish products of which are far more advanced than those of other fellow companies.GY qualified and passed ISO9001,ISO14001 for quality and environment control respectively in Jan of 2004,with the ever-improving management and efficiency,the quality and service of GY's products is highly appreciated and enjoyed by the customers.

"Credibility,quality,efficiency,and creation"is GY's cultural spirit,Gy has been named by SHISHI govemment as" Enterprise of Credibility",and GY wishes to create abetter future with our esteemed customers and fellow enterprises.

Address: fujian shishi city jin shang town jin industrial zone code: 362700
Tel: 86-595-88955222 fax: 86-595-88955988,

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